Good-bye vs Good Riddance

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The Real Estate world is full of Good-Byes and Good-Riddance's as we complete transactions. We often wave good-bye to Sellers who are moving across the country (good and bad).

I had pretty much gotten away from all that when I retired as a RE Broker and agent with the exception of signing a loan doc with someone I never met before and then saying good-bye.

Today I received a good-bye from someone I'd had a 20 year relationship with, JMT Document Services. JMT is a signing service, a go-between for Title companies and mobile notaries. I loved working with them... they always answered their phone and 99% of the time they had answers. This is VERY rare in a Notary Publics world. 

The owner of JMT, Lloyd Pace, is retiring and closing it down. Lloyd started JMT in 1978 and made a model of what a signing company should be. You will be GREATLY missed Lloyd and the rest of the staff at JMT documents.

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